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Top Features Available

Works Everywhere

Emaily has been crafted to provide the the most optimal interaction experience in not only desktops, but on tablets and mobile as well. With its responsive and unique design, things become much simpler and effective to use.

Inbox Landing

The mails would mostly land in inbox rather than spam or other folders. With a lot of research and pin-point marketing techniques, most of the emails land in Primary folder of Gmail. That's what makes Emaily more distingushing.

Supports Attachements

A picture says a thousand words. Sending just text and links are a thing of the past. Emaily supports attachments ranging from Images, Videos, Zip archives and much more. It's as easy as sending a text-only mail.

Subcription Model

Managing subscribers and list is too much simple and effective. Import mass email list, subscribers, customers, custom-fields, thank you and good bye emails, API to add models and custom fields. As flexible as it can be.

Scalable on Cloud

No worry about the number of the emails/subscribers. Emaily scales as much as you want while adding bigger lists. Extremely distributed architecture makes it more error-proof and handle a large amount of data on the cloud.

Real-Time Analytics

See beautifully visualized, appropriate reports and real-time metrics through Emaily campaign dashboard. Spam, bounced, unsubscribed, opened, unopened, recipients, all the metrics in a single graph to compare and use analytics.

24x7 Support

Round-the-clock access to advanced support engineers who can help with your most pressing issues, including problem diagnosis and remediation. Customer service is at most priority at the Emaily team.

Email Templates

Type less and email faster. Creating and using an email template can save a lot of time, especially if you find yourself sending out the same replies to clients. With an email template you can save the information that frequently appears.

Life time validity

A life time validity subscription policy lets you add your unused email credits from last month to the next month. Now no credits will go waste as long as you have active subscription, just because there was not enough time or occasion to send the emails.

Unlimited Contacts

Emaily doesn't put any restriction on number of contacts to be added. add unlimited number of contacts and send them unlimited email campaigns from the email credit itself, no need of a special subscription.


Create drip campaigns to follow up with your customers. Send emails annually, or on specific dates, or after specific interval of time. Now they will never miss something which is very to them. Keep them engaged and connected.

Ultra Sharp Engine

Emaily provides various methods to make the campaigns more appealing and reflect positive responses. With a very sharp anti-promotion-inbox engine, it leads the way to the customer directly to their primary folders.

Emaily empowers you to send better inexpensive targeted emails.

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